Specialized Diplomatic Course is a rigorous graduate-level programme designed for new entrants into the Foreign Service of Pakistan. The aim is to broaden the knowledge and intellect of our trainees, to promote cross-cultural understanding and to hone their analytical and public relations skills. The curriculum includes subjects such as Foreign Policy, International Law, International Politics, International Economics, Diplomacy and Negotiations.

The multidisciplinary and multifaceted programme provides an environment of academic learning and personal growth. It gives the trainees an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as future diplomats and leaders of Pakistan.

Our Methodology

Each subject in the curriculum is coordinated and delivered by course coordinators through lectures and interactive sessions. Each lecture typically comprises 60 minutes of talk followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Special extension lectures by the Director General and Director (Programme) of the Academy.

We hold simulation exercised in negotiations and training workshops in communication, negotiations and office management skills. The trainees are also required to participate in sports and cultural activities. Throughout the programme we strive to promote communication and inter-personal skills and stimulate team-building and problem-solving abilities of the participants.

The Academy also facilitates interaction of the trainees with young diplomats from other countries. Study tours and visits to Government and private sector institutions adds another dimension to our training programme.

Our Faculty

Faculty of the Foreign Service Academy is a rich mix of highly qualified academics and eminent retired Ambassadors. In addition, eminent personalities including foreign Ambassadors and Ministers are invited to speak on foreign policy and international relations.

Evaluation and Grading

The Academy undertakes weekly evaluation of our participants with inputs from our highly qualified faculty. We thus have a clear insight into the progress of every participant and provide them regular feedback and recommendations.

Academic grading of the trainees takes place through a range of tests and exams, research papers, book reviews, presentations and class assignments.The Academy conducts mid-term and end-term exams which contribute to the overall grading of a participant at the end of the Programme. Participants are also graded on class participation, punctuality and discipline and participation in extra-curricular activities.

Upon conclusion of the training programme, the participants appear for the Final Passing out Examination (FPOE) conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission.

Duration of the Course

The course duration is nine months. It leads to a Diploma in Diplomacy and International Relations.