Advanced Diplomatic Course for Foreign Diplomats

The Foreign Service Academy has been training foreign diplomats of countries since 1985 under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme. We take pride in our quarter of a century operation, during which more than thousand foreign diplomats have received training at the Academy.

The Advanced Diplomatic Course (ADC) is a six-week long programme offered to foreign diplomats.

The Course aims to develop diplomatic skills of the participants through intensive curriculum in international relations and diplomacy. It includes an overview of the basic concepts and issues relevant to contemporary diplomacy, particularly from a developing world perspective. Participants of the course are also introduced to Pakistani culture and society, government and politics, as well as its economy.

During their stay in Islamabad, the participants have the opportunity to experience and study first hand, Pakistan, its people, history, cultures & cuisines as well as its prospects and potentials.

The Advanced Diplomatic Course is a scholarship programme. During entirety of the course, the participants are guests of the Foreign Service Academy. Nominations for the courses are made by respective governments. The number of participants in each Course is around 35.

The Programme

The course curriculum has six major themes: Pakistan, International Politics, International Economics, International Organizations, Diplomatic Theory, Practice and Protocol and Skills Development. Each subject in the curriculum is coordinated and delivered by course coordinators through lectures and interactive sessions. Each lecture typically comprises 60 minutes of talk followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

Throughout the programme, we strive to promote communication and inter-personal skills and stimulate team-building and problem-solving abilities of the participants. To acquaint them better with Pakistan, the participants are taken on orientation tours to governmental institutions, key industries, and museums, as well as historical and tourist sites in and around Islamabad. In addition, overnight visits to other cities are also organized. The Academy also facilitates interaction of the participants of the course with young Pakistani diplomats.

Duration of the Courses

Duration of the Advanced Diplomatic Course is six weeks. Given the intensive nature, it requires full-time commitment of the participants.

Our Faculty

Faculty of the Foreign Service Academy is a rich mix of highly qualified academics and eminent retired Ambassadors. In addition , eminent personalities including Ministers and Ambassadors are invited to speak on Pakistan's policy.