Urdu Language Course for Resident Diplomats

Foreign Service Academy offers Urdu language classes for resident diplomats. The objective of the Urdu Language Course is to enable the participants to strike a conversation in Urdu, comprehend the basic written words, and understand the fundamental nuances of Pakistani culture and norms.

The Course is designed so as to consume minimum effort and time on part of the participants, who have otherwise busy schedules. Classes are held twice a week in the evening. In addition, the course participants are given introductory sessions on Pakistan's culture and society.


  1. Introduction, history and context
  2. Urdu phonetics
  3. Spoken Urdu: Basics
  4. Spoken Urdu: Striking a conversation
  5. Urdu script and alphabet
  6. Urdu Imla
  7. Urdu Grammer
  8. Urdu & the Pakistani culture