Former Directors General

Ambassador Shah M. Jamal

01st February 2018 to 23rd August 2018

Amb. Iftekhar Aziz

13th January 2016 to 31st January 2018

Amb. Jauhar Saleem

10th September 2015 to 8th January 2016

Amb. Mohsin Razi

10th October 2014 to 25th May 2015

Amb. Murad Ali

24th December 2013 to 2nd October 2014

Amb. Khalid Usman Qaiser

30th August 2011 to 23rd December 2013

Khalid Usman Qaiser.jpg

Amb. Sohail Amin

23rd June 2011 to 13th August 2011

Sohail Amin.jpg

Amb. Khalid Aziz Babar

1st December 2009 to 22nd June 2011

Khalid Aziz Babar.jpg

Amb. Fauzia Nasreen

31st December 2006 to 26th November 2009

Miss Fozia.jpg

Amb. Musa Javed Chohan

3rd March 2004 to 28th December 2006

Musa Javed Chohan.jpg

Amb. Javid Husain

3rd September 2003 to 2nd March 2004

Javid Husain.jpg

Amb. Aziz Ahmad Khan

1st July 2002 to 30th June 2003

Aziz Ahmad Khan.jpg

Amb. Mansoor Alam

28th August 2000 to 30th June 2002

Mansoor Alam.jpg

Amb. Azmat Ghayur

12th July 1999 to 27th August 2000

Azmat Ghayur.JPG

Amb. Shafqat Ali Shaikh

13th September 1997 to 9th July 1999

shafqat shaikh.jpg

Amb. Aftab Husain Syed

7th July 1997 to 12th September 1997

Aftab Husain Syed.JPG

Amb. Tayyab Siddiqui

16th February 1996 to 26th June 1997

Tayyab Siddiqui.jpg

Amb. Anwar Kemal

11th January 1995 to 15th September 1997

Anwar kemal (2).JPG

Col. (R) S. K. Tressler

1st March 1994 to 14th September 1994

S. K. Tressler.jpg

Amb. Amir Ali Shah

17th March 1991 to 13th December 1993

Amir Ali Shah.jpg

Dr. Humayun Khan

21st July 1990 to 17th October 1990

Humayun Khan.jpg

Amb. Najmul Saqib Khan

23rd April 1988 to 30th April 1989

Najmul Saqib Khan.jpg

Amb. Mufti M. Abbas

22nd March 1985 to 21st March 1987