Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan


Foreign participants of 24th Junior Diplomatic Course undertook a short trip to Taxila on 24 November, a city known to be the birth place of Buddhism. "Gandhara, historical region in what is now northwestern Pakistan, corresponding to Peshawar and having extensions into the lower valleys of the Kabul and Swat rivers. In ancient times Gandhara was a trade crossroads and cultural meeting place between Indian sub continent, Central Asia, and the Middle East. The region was subject to Achaemenian Persia in the 6th and 5th centuries bce and was conquered by Alexander the Great in the 4th century bce. It was thereafter ruled by the Mauryan dynasty, under whom it became a centre for the spread of Buddhism to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Taxila and Peshawar, ancient Gandhara's chief cities, were important cultural centres".

A few pictures are below:-